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        I was hoping that Beta 3 would solve these issues but they do persist:


        1)Messages -  I cannot sign into Messages with my AppleID - signing in yields "Could not sign in to iMessage. An error occured during activation. Try Again"

        trying again does not help


        2) FaceTime - I cannot sign into FaceTime.  When I attempt to do so I get this error " This account has no reachable addresses. Please sign into Appleid.apple.com in order to add one"   But I clearly have one and all other iCloud functions work.  Yes, I have signed out and back in...


        3) Security - When I attempt to click the unlock with watch button in the security pane I get this message "your Mac must be signed into iCloud - you can sign in using iCloud preferences"   but, yes, I am signed in


        Any suggestions?