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        Staring with macOS Mojave, some screen savers are broken as soon as they try to use standard open panels.


        This can break the System Preferences.app window UI, this causes a crash of a com.app.whatever process.


        But it doesn't seem that anyone from the OS vendor cares about this:


        - bug reports are ignored. OK, not anything surprising here. This is why reporting bugs through BugReporter (or the new half broken Feedback solution) is actually totally pointless in 99% of cases.

        - bug reports are closed as solved when the issue is not solved at all on Mojave and is even worse in macOS Catalina.


        I haven't seen so far:

        - any release notes claiming that there should be any backward/forward compatibility issues.

        - any release notes about new stuff that should be done to accomodate the new (broken) sandboxing architecture introduced in the Screen Saver functionnality.

        - any release notes about new public APIs that should be used.

        - any release notes about the fact that .screensaver bundles are deprecated.


        But I could have missed something (or, I don't know, maybe pointing out these resources could have been a good feedback in Bug Reporter).


        What I've only seen so far is:

        - known issues not having been fixed for a year. Please, don't even think about asking me to file a bug report again regarding this matter.

        - system standard screen savers moving from .screensaver to .appex.

        - system standard screen savers using private APIs.




        Is there any plan to fix the numerous issues with Screen Savers modules in Mojave and Catalina?

        Is there any plan to make the new private APIs and model public? Or are 3rd part developer unworthy of Apple's screen saver framework?



        N.B. : yes, I'm definitely not happy with how these issues are introduced and not solved by the OS vendor in a reasonable amount of time (which was last year).