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        With XCode 11 I am no longer able to view the full value for a push token. Here's some example code to illustrate:



          func pushRegistry(_ registry: PKPushRegistry, didUpdate credentials: PKPushCredentials, for type: PKPushType)
                var method1 = NSString(format: "%@", credentials.token as CVarArg) as String
                print("method1: \(method1)")
                method1 = method1.replacingOccurrences(of: " ", with: "")
                method1 = method1.replacingOccurrences(of: "<", with: "")
                method1 = method1.replacingOccurrences(of: ">", with: "")
                print("method1 again: \(method1)")
                let method2 = String(decoding: credentials.token, as: UTF8.self)
                print("method2: \(String(describing: method2))")
                let method3 = credentials.token.description as String
                print("method3: \(method3)")




        However when the above code is run with Xcode 11, this is the output:



            method1: {length = 32, bytes = 0x5b3f44e0 6d2c5ee5 5252d3db f5bb915b ... 12844aeb 13259e7e }
            method1 again: {length=32,bytes=0x5b3f44e06d2c5ee55252d3dbf5bb915b...12844aeb13259e7e}
            method2: [?D�m,^�RR�����[� � ��>� �J� %�~
            method3: 32 bytes


        In previous versions of Xcode, method1 would be logged/viewable as something like this:






        But now its this:






        There is ... in the middle of it.




        How can I just log/interactively view the contents of credentials.token with Xcode 11?



        I want to copy/paste the value into a php script to manually send push message to the app for testing purposes.

        • Re: How can you view the APN push token value in Xcode 11? (Its no longer displayed fully as a string when logged)
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          Hi, you can use the following method:return [tokenString copy];

          - (void)pushRegistry:(nonnull PKPushRegistry *)registry didUpdatePushCredentials:(nonnull PKPushCredentials *)pushCredentials forType:(nonnull PKPushType)type {
              if ([pushCredentials.token length] == 0){
                  NSLog(@"PUSH CREDENTIALS TOKEN IS NULL");
              NSLog(@"VOIP PUSH TOKEN OBTAINED: %@", [self stringFromVOIPTokenData:pushCredentials.token]);
          - (NSString *)stringFromVOIPTokenData:(NSData *)tokenData {
              const char *data = [tokenData bytes];
              NSMutableString *tokenString = [NSMutableString string];
              for (int i = 0; i < [tokenData length]; i++) {
                  [tokenString appendFormat:@"%02.2hhx", data[i]];
              return [tokenString copy];