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        I'm trying to create a CKShare on a set of CKRecords using CloudKit. I've made it through most of the workflow:


        • create a 'root_record' that all shared records will identify as parent
        • add several records and identify 'root_record' as parent
        • create CKShare on 'root_record' and present the share dialog with UICloudSharingController
        • include mandatory itemTitleForCloudSharingController & failedToSaveShareWithError
        • include - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application userDidAcceptCloudKitShareWithMetadata: in appdelegate
        • clicked backgroundmodes > remote notification in capabilities
        I get the share dialog on device A, text or email the share to device B as expected. On device B, I get:



        Open "My_Title_String"? > Not Now | Open

        But when I choose 'Open', I get:


        Update "App_Name"

        _sharer_ shared this. To open it, you'll need the latest version of "app_name". > Got To App Store | Not Now


        I've tried upping the build number, deleting app + reinstalling & installing from TestFlight, but - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application userDidAcceptCloudKitShareWithMetadata: never gets called on device B.


        Any advice on where I've gone wrong?