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        I installed 10.15 Beta on a machine, and decided to roll it back.

        Various things went sideways and the best option was to wipe the HD and do a clean restore of a backup.

        The backup fails because the OS installed is 10.14.5 and not the backups 10.14.6 Beta.

        So I am trying, and so far failing to get the 10.14.6 installed. It seems I need to have Beta program profile installed on the machine. to do it.

        However without the profile, I get the message I need the machine to be enrolled, but to enroll it I need the profile.

        A circular bit of tail chasing.

        Without the profile I can't access any of the downloads I need to reintall 10.4.6, and the restore my back up.


        How do I break the Catch 22 and install the beta profile without one?