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        What is the clou to get access to photos from an external device (Seagate) with MLMediaLibrary Kit ?


        What I did:

        1. copied Fotos Library from another Mac to external device

        2. device was plugged to my developr machine ( Xcode 10.2 on Mac)

        3. Open Fotos and change path to Fotos Library

        4. Fotos converted data, and after some times I can see all the photos


        Then I tried to  retrieve data with my app.

        It shows the local Fotos Library located under /Pictures..

        I think it must be somewhere in the options setting of MLMediaLibrary


           NSDictionary *options = @{

                                      MLMediaLoadSourceTypesKey: @(MLMediaSourceTypeImage),

                                      MLMediaLoadIncludeSourcesKey: @[MLMediaSourcePhotosIdentifier,MLMediaSourceiPhotoIdentifier],

                                      MLMediaLoadFoldersKey:@[@"file:///Seagate/Fotos Library"]

                                      // or this ?? : MLMediaLoadFoldersKey:@[@"/Volumes/Seagate/Fotos Library"]


           MLMediaLibrary *MmediaLibrary = [[MLMediaLibrary alloc] initWithOptions:options];


        Appretiated to get any hint ...