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        Even putting me as distribution I get this error. ITMS-90035: Invalid Signature



        Can someone help me? unfortunately working with applications for Iphone is a headache, company that only presents difficulties and no solution.

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          I'm getting the same erro this week: ITMS-90035: Invalid Signature

          I tried so many times using my laptop with mojave, Xcode 10.2.1 and the same certificate used on High Sierra without success.


          Yesterday, I could distribute our app using Xcode 10.1 on High Sierra OSx. Yesterday I opened a ticket with Apple since I used the same procedures and certificate on both machine. One I could do it and the new one only shows me this error.


          I have to agree that email error message does not provide us the correct information or what is going on.


          Hope they provide us some update about it.

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            Hi I think we found out what is happening.
            We found a file with the special characters on it. For exemple: "IconFileName (Cópia).png"
            This was the issue. I just renamed it and archived successfully and got no erro from Apple system.

            Verify if happen the same issue with your build.
            Como seu id me parece ser de brasileiro, recomendo verificar se existe algum arquivo com carecters especiais no nome.

            Foi o que estava acontecendo conosco.
            Espero que resolva.

            Boa Sorte!