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        Environment iOS 13 Beta 2 (iPad & iPhone)

        CareKit V2 Beta: commit a82e11b


        I’m trying to develop a simple Care Kit App that helps manage multiple different medication doses, each with a different schedule. The App also assists in tracking patient pain.


        Initially I am populating a test Store with a simple code based care plan. The OCKDailyPageViewController is set to use OCKSimpleLogTaskViewController, OCKChecklistTaskViewController, OCKSimpleTaskView, and OCKCartesianChartViewController.


        I seem to get a hard crash in OCKCalendarWeekView updateRingLabels:

          completionRingButtons[i].setTitle(dateFormatter.string(from: date), for: .normal)


        A bit of digging around and I find that the OCKSample app included in the beta has the same problem, any suggestions?


        A second question:


        I need to use a care plan where the Prednisolone dose is reduced each month. Is this an example of where a Task should use multiple versions (any documentation yet) or should it be multiple tasks? Ideally I want a chart that can show pain tracking against Prednisolone adherence over time.


        Thank you,  Jonathan