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        Since February, several of our apps have been under constant attack on their Chinese storefronts. Those apps have fallen from ratings of 4.7/4.8 down to around 2 in China after receiving thousands of fake 1-star reviews. We know without a doubt that the reviews are fake as each app receives up to 5000 at a time within just a few hours.  It is impossible to report such a large number one-by-one so we have submitted tickets to Apple but they are very slow to remove the fake reviews and don’t update on the progress.


        On the first few occasions, Apple removed the fake reviews within about two weeks but after my last report, it has been 4 weeks without the reviews being removed. The damage to our rating makes it pointless to market our game in China (one of our largest markets) and is costing us in sales.


        Are there any other devs with similar experiences? We see there are a lot of apps on the Chinese app store with thousands of exclusively 1 and 5-star reviews, so it seems the Chinese app store is just a warzone of attacks and boosting. Has Apple acknowledged the issue or is there anything more we can do?


        Many Thanks.