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        I tried looking on the Developer Forum, but didn't see an answer for my issue. I want to use a test iCloud account that I've created (not my personal/developer iCloud account) when testing my app on the Simulator. I've logged into that test iCloud account on the Simulator (Settings). I am doing CloudKit work in my app and I want to test my app with CloudKit. I signed into the CloudKit Dashboard using my personal/developer account and have setup my schema for my app. I now want to run my app on the simulator and have data stored in iCloud. I did the data storage as privateDatabase. How can I see that data from my app execution on the Simulator using the test iCloud account on the CloudKit Dashboard? It is not showing up. Do I have to use the publicDatabase in CloudKit Dashboard in order for me (the developer) to see the iCloud data from my simulator testing using my test iCloud account (different from my developer iCloud account)?

        Thanks for any clarification you can give to clear up my confusion on this.

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          Only the user themself can see their entries in the private database.  On the Dashboard in the upper right hand, drop down your account and sign out.  Then try to sign in with the test iCloud username and password.  (I'm not sure if you can do that if the test iCloud user is not a developer account - tell us if you can.) 

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            I faced this issue as well. Previously when signing up as developer account, I didn't think that much and just used my personal icloud account. Now I am using my own app with my own personal data, and I want to test the new CloudKit integration. Found out the hard limitation that I can't view the data for another icloud account no matter what I do.


            Any other ways besides moving my app into a proper developer icloud account??

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                Same problem here, my personal Apple ID my Mac and iOS devices are signed in with is different from my developer Apple ID. I tried to add my personal Apple ID as an admin to my developer account but it won't work because a long time ago, before we even had CloudKit, I created a developer account using my personal Apple ID.


                I just contacted Apple to request they delete my dummy developer account that uses my personal Apple ID then I will first attempt to add my personal Apple ID as an admin to my developer account. If that doesn't work then I may contact Apple to request if they can change my developer Apple ID to my personal one, I think I have tried that a long time ago and it wasn't possible but maybe it is now.


                If anyone has any other ideas I'd be really interested. It would be a real pain to have to log in and out of Apple IDs just to use CloudKit, especially when working with sync that involves multiple devices.