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        Morning everyone,


        I have some questions about UIWebView and iOS13:

        • UIWebView won't be supported in iOS13 (see apple developer documentation - https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/uiwebview?language=objc).
          • Can we use surely UIWebView in iOS13, or we must replace UIWebView with WKWebView?
        • Maybe you can found out, that UIWebView can be use in iOS13 - Beta, but it is surely, that UIWebView can be use in iOS13 - Release?


        I am thanks a lot you about your helps.

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          I've similar question on UIWebView.


          I've tested UIWebView on iOS 13 Beta and it is working fine without any issue in our Application.

          It seems, it is still not removed from iOS 13 SDK and will remove in future release.


          Please confirm.



          Kaushik Jadhav.