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        Got the deplyment package to do a fairplay production certificate and ASK number for a partner that we work with, but

        the "FairPlay Streaming Credential Generation Guide" points to a web page that no longer exists.

        Clicking + in the certificates section used to  show a list of creating certificates and one of them being for Fairplay, now that is no longer there. (page 10 in the FairPlay Streaming Credential Generation Guide.pdf)


        1. I have used that page before and got my ASK number etc and all worked great, so how do I generate a code signing request for Fairplay when that page has been removed ?


        2. Why do you send out instructions that no longer exists, you need to fix that.


        3. I emailed dev support and started a case and 1st answer I got was a link to how to create certificates. After answering that email and giving even more details of what I needed help with, it got even worse. I was emailed a link to the fairplay sdk page, ***, that is just f-n bot answer, Apple what has happened, right now you totally **** at helping developers, I'm getting bot answers with fake names of Apple people that doesn't exists, this used to work much better in the past, get your s-t togeheter, ****.


        Again, how do I create the CSR for fairplay, anyone in this forum maybe knows?