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        In the videos 224_hd_modernizing_your_ui_for_ios_13 , Apple mentions a requirement that by April 2020 all apps should

        Adopt launch storyboards, Support Any Size, Support Split screen multitasking


        Does Support Split screen multitasking mean as described in 258_hd_architecting_your_app_for_multiple_windows?


        1. Does this mean that we only need to update Base SDK version to iOS13 in Xcode and implement the scene methods?

        2. and that we can still keep deployment target to lower iOS versions which will still provide backward compatibility?

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          lmDeveloper1 Level 2 Level 2 (40 points)

          Basically this means the "Requires Full Screen" checkbox in xCode will probably need to be unchecked. I dont think they can require it for ALL apps (games in particular I would assume) but that should put you in compliance, along with the other requirements which i think will be more forced than the requires full screen, since it can be left to interpretation if your app needs full screen.  But Launch Screen storyboards for sure will be required. As far as Mulit Windows, i dont believe thats what they meant, just Split screen. The terming can get a little confusing , Mulit Windows, Split screen etc. but the requirement was for split screen


          This is how i read it or understood it.

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              Thank you so much for sharing your understanding... If we go by that, then in order to support Split Screen, then looks like we will also have to support multitasking? ie the UIWindowScene and UISceneSession etc?

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                  hacknicity Level 3 Level 3 (120 points)

                  I don't think we have to support multiple windows in order to qualify as supporting multitasking. That would be a massive amount of work for some apps because it breaks so many assumptions that were true when the app was built. In my opinion, supporting multi-tasking "just" means supporting the iOS 11 capabilities for not needing full screen. As ImDeveloper1 said, even that seems an impossible requirement for some kinds of apps like games.


                  I watched the WWDC 2019 224 video too, and it seems they had problems with the microphone and the video suddenly jumps to the guy holding a handheld microphone and summarising what he said earlier. But it looks like the video doesn't include some of what he said! So, the April 2020 requirement is not very clear, in my opinion.

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                One more thing. Do I understand correctly, that it will be checked by moderators during submitting to AppStore?
                If I use enterprise codesign I am able to skip this restriction?  

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                  Has anyone heard anything more specific about this? will we be kept from using "require full screen"? Do we have to support multitasking?