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        Hello, we have submited a kext signing request for nearly one month, but haven't got any response except the following acknowledgment, we don't know how to get the status of the request, can some one help us?



        Follow-up: 713882810


        Your kext signing request has been received.


        You will receive a response after your request has been evaluated.



        Developer Technical Support

        Apple Worldwide Developer Relations

        baida wang

        Team ID: 8856CSH399
        Company / Organization: Datacloak Tech(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.
        Company / Product URL: www.datacloak.com
        Intended Distribution: Consumer or Enterprise Distribution

        What product requirements are being addressed by this kext?
        We're writing monitoring, access restriction application. So we need to monitor/block network traffic (Socket filter, IP filter) and pocesses being created by the system.

        Which kernel interfaces are required for your kext?
        KAUTH for monitoring and blocking process start. Network Kernel Extensions - for monitoring network traffic.

        Which user mode APIs were investigated and why were they not sufficient?
        There is NetworkExtension.framework which has NEFilterDataProvider etc. But we need to explore packets in some situations so it is not fully cover our needs. Also we need to support macOS 10.9 and this framework is not available there.
        For process monitoring there is kevent API which is not sufficient for our needs as it is not providing required functionality.


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          There isn’t any way to get the status of your requests, alas.  If it’s been more than a month since you submitted, you should feel free to ping me via email (my address is in my signature, below).  Please make sure to include the follow-up number.

          IMPORTANT While I can look up the status of a request, I’m not involved in the KEXT approval process itself.

          ps Reading through the request you posted here, I strongly suspect that you’ll be interested in WWDC 2019 Session 714 Network Extensions for the Modern Mac.  To summarise, in macOS 10.15 we plan to deprecate NKEs in favour of a vastly expanded array of user-space services.

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