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        When trying to use sidecar with my iPad 6th gen I get "A miscellaneous error occurred (-401)" after my laptop and iPad screen flash black for a moment. Anybody else having this problem and/or have a solution?

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          same issue since yesterday, sidecar was working for few days, but has stopped with this error message. restarting both devices, no effect.

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            I was having the same issue the other day. The USBC-USBC cable I was using momentarily loses connection on occasion, so I then tried it on Wi-Fi and was able to get it to work. If you are using Wi-Fi for your internet connection for your Mac, either turn off Wi-Fi on your iPad or make sure they are on the same network.


            Hope this helps.




            (Note: This was on a 2015 MacBook Pro)

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              Electricespeon, I was also experiencing this issue.  I have found that it may have something to do with being plugged in at the start of sidcar.  When I unplug my iPad Pro 3rd Gen (Thunderbolt) from my MacBook and then start sidecar, its almost instant and I can use it as a second monitor.  Then I can plug it back in so that it can charge while I use it as a second monitor.


              If it's plugged into my mac at the time of starting sidecar...both screens will flicker black while the ipad remains black and even has the sidecar touch controls; ultimately it closes on the ipad and i get the Error 401 on MacOS.  Unplug the ipad, and works instantly again.


              Give this a go.  Let me know if this helps.  Thanks

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                  I have tried this and get the same error either way, but after updating to beta 2 on all my devices its giving me new errors "Unable to retrieve NWConnection for ClientID" when I try it with no cable and "GKVoiceChatServiceErrorDomain error 32002" when I do it with a cable. Quite strange

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                  I get the same error and it started after update to beta 2.

                  The error happens using cable or wifi.

                  "Unable to retrieve NWConnection for clientID"

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                    Apr 23, 2020, and still hasn't been fixed yet ~ SideCar is still in the ditch.