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        In My VoIP App I am recently sometimes getting no Audio when making outgoing calls.


        I think this may have started happening when I updated iPhone X to iOS 12.3.1. I had not seen this error before with older versions of iOS.


        When I analysed it I see that I am getting a Callkit providerDidReset callback to my App and hence the Audio never activates.


        Looking at the Console debug output I see

        "MyApp Connection <private> interrupted for XPC provider <private>"  just before the providerDidReset.


        default 12:37:48.247486 +0100 MyApp PROVIDER CALLBACK performStartCallAction to dial Kieran

        default 12:37:48.249499 +0100 MyApp Provider <private> was notified that action <private> completed

        default 12:37:48.254675 +0100 MyApp Connection <private> interrupted for XPC provider <private>

        default 12:37:48.254731 +0100 MyApp MDS CALLKIT  => => => => => PROVIDER CALLBACK providerDidReset

        default 12:37:48.257283 +0100 CommCenter Connection <private> interrupted for XPC provider <private>

        default 12:37:48.257846 +0100 SpringBoard Client XPC connection was invalidated: connection=0x2821f0f30


        Can anyone help with why I may be getting "providerDidReset"? Is it caused by "interrupted for XPC provider" and if so how can I avoid it. I do not know what XPC is ?


        I cannot find any information about providerDidReset and advice about what to do if it occurs.



        - In the debug above I have made about 30 sucessful calls without closing my App and then call 31 failed as above

        - I also have an iPhone 6 Plus also running iOS12.3.1 and I don't see the error on that (At least not yet)

        - I have made maybe 500 test calls and have seen this error about 5 times.