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        Wondering if anyone could shed some light on a question.  I am being tasked with building a feature in my app that would allow a user to "stream" their iPhone camera to another nearby iOS device (either wireless or hard-wired).  Both devices would be running a custom app I develop, but I have the following requirements;


        • Functionality must exist whether or not internet connectivity is available.  This removes the option to do any sort of RTMP or HLS livestream to a server.
        • The "preview" device must be relatively responsive and low-latency, though some loss of quality would be acceptable as this is solely for preview purposes.
        • A hard-wired solution (such as connecting iPad Pro with USB-C to iPhone XS Max with Lightning) would be feasible and preferred, if possible.


        I've attempted to build this functionality using MultiPeer Connectivity frameworks.  While I've been successful in compressing my sample buffers to a small file size, and transmitting between the devices, overall interference and connectivity can significantly degrade the experience, resulting in huge latency issues.  I am using a semaphore to ensure I receive and display frames in order, but the latency is too much of an issue to consider this a solution.


        Are there any suggested frameworks to investigate that might yield results for this scenario?