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        I have a problem creating a checksum that matches for OpenSSL and iOS' CommonCrypto implementation. I currently have a .plist file that I want to validate using a checksum. What I have done is the following:

        openssl dgst -sha256 file.plist
        SHA256(file.plist)= a33184700a1f61f80d4a1d092e83457c9abdf794c20daa276bd3e1e8a4ceb55c


        Alternatively used the internal shasum function

        shasum -a 256 file.plist
        a33184700a1f61f80d4a1d092e83457c9abdf794c20daa276bd3e1e8a4ceb55c  file.plist


        So I now have the sha256 hash of the file. I will create base64 data that can be used in Swift

        echo -n 'a33184700a1f61f80d4a1d092e83457c9abdf794c20daa276bd3e1e8a4ceb55c' | xxd -r -p | base64


        So right now, I have the hash and I can use that in iOS. Note that I hashed the exact file that is in Xcode's file inspector.

        let calculatedHash = Data(base64Encoded: "ozGEcAofYfgNSh0JLoNFfJq995TCDaona9Ph6KTOtVw=")!
        let fileURL = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "file", withExtension: "plist")!
        let fileData = try! Data(contentsOf: fileURL)
        var hash = Data(count: Int(CC_SHA256_DIGEST_LENGTH))
        hash.withUnsafeMutableBytes { hashBuffer in
           fileData.withUnsafeBytes { buffer in
                _ = CC_SHA256(buffer.baseAddress!, CC_LONG(buffer.count), hashBuffer.bindMemory(UInt8.self).baseAddress)
        print(caluclatedHash as NSData)
        print(hash as NSData)
        // <a3318470 0a1f61f8 0d4a1d09 2e83457c 9abdf794 c20daa27 6bd3e1e8 a4ceb55c>
        // <96d172a8 48235f59 66ff2af3 dae8220d df33f0aa 3be78c46 9d5a18e4 9c73aecd>


        As you can see, the output is different for the iOS hash. Why is that and how do I solve it?


        Thanks in advance!


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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (11,835 points)

          You are getting this property list from your bundle.  I suspect that the problem here is that the Xcode build system will convert property list files to a binary format, which changes the checksum.  You should dump fileData to make sure it matches what you expect.

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            Craz1k0ek Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

            Solved by using a python library.


            import plistlib
            import hashlib
            def calc_hash(file_name):
                    f = open(file_name, 'r')
                    f_data = f.read()
                    file = plistlib.loads(f_data.encode())
                except (ValueError, Exception) as e:
                    print("Failed to load file {}".format(file_name))
                dump = plistlib.dumps(file, fmt=plistlib.FMT_BINARY)
                hasher = hashlib.sha256()
                digest = hasher.digest()
                print("{} {}".format(file_name, digest.hex()))
            file_name = str(input('Please enter the relative path to the plist (i.e. path/to/plist.plist):\n'))