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        I'm playing with a business card example ar app. I got a nmber of SCNNodes for buttons. Web views and phone call etc. I have a SCNNode for sending an email. When the user touches the "button" for email I instantiate the mail dlg. The mail dlg will present itself properly. The problem comes once the email dlg is dismissed I can no longer get touch events on the AR screen.


        if(MFMailComposeViewController.canSendMail()) {


                    let emailComposer = MFMailComposeViewController()

                    emailComposer.mailComposeDelegate = self


                    // Configure the fields of the interface.


                    emailComposer.setSubject("AR Screen")


                    let msgBody = "Important Message"

                    emailComposer.setMessageBody(msgBody, isHTML: false)


                    // Present the view controller modally.

                    present(emailComposer, animated: true, completion: nil)


                else {


                    showAlert(title: "Email", msg: "This device is not configured to send email.")



        I'm new to ARKit so I assume I'm missing something.


        Thanks in advance

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          I forgot to mention, I can hop out to browsers, show UIAlertControllers and everything works fine. If I perform a modal segue and return that's ok tooo. If I create the MailComposerView while in the modal window I segued to I have the no touch situation. Mabe related to poping up a modal view oner the AR screen?


          6/7/2019 Update. I've narrowed it down to a UIWebView. I'm showing a webView as one of the SCNodes in the AR scene. I can include the other elements and everything works as hoped but if I include the webView once the mail or message vew is dismissted none of the ui elements on the screen respond to user interaction.


          I have set webView.isUserInteractionEnabled = false - doesn't remedy the problem.