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        I need to try to make an embedded scanner AirScan/eSCL compatible. This is a tiny sheetfeed scanner. I have most of the work done, but I am havng issues with the final message exchanges just before the client GETs the scanned image.


        I can easily enough initiate the scan up to the point of sending 201 Created  location URI from there it gets foggy as I have seen AirScan/eSCL Clients that all seem to behave differently.  I can make it work in Vuescan but Vuescan does not come back to check ScannerStatus again , it just initiates the download based on header information froj 201 Created and Location: URI.


        It is specifically this point after sending 201 Created and location URI headers where things are falling apart for me on OSX Mojave.


        I have seen that OSX mojave requests ScannerStatus again before download but have no idea whet it is looking for


        I have identified several status messages but not sure even which one applies when the scan is actually ready for download or already downloaded.


        No matter what I can not seem to make OSX Mojave happy. I figure if I can make it work on Mojave it will probably work on iOS .


        If anyone has any wireshark traces from a successful scan that may be helpful too. I have a scanner in another city that I was remotely working with but problems with WiFi card not allowing me to see all the traffic on the network so I can see messages to/from real AirScan compatible HP multi function device.


        Also looking for info on how to identify correctly a SINGLE sheet feeder scanner to OSX, not a flatbed with ADF option .