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        I'm trying to figure out which apps (get a list) that have accessed cellular data when connected to wifi. There shouldn't be any. But I know of at least one that has because I went over my allowance and I'm connected to wifi. It doesn't make sense but if I can make it reproducible, I can submit a bug.

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          It might be a bug, if...wi-fi in that example was rock solid, however, if it wasn't, might be that app is allowed to jump between wi-fi and cellular to maintain connectivity. Is wi-fi assist still on?



          "When cellular data is on, apps and services use your cellular connection when Wi-Fi isn't available."

          ...if needed, that tech note also explains how to know which apps are burning cell data, how to turn on/off, etc.


          • If activated, Wi-Fi Assist automatically switches to use cellular data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor. Wi-Fi Assist is on by default*. This might result in additional cellular data use, which could incur additional charges depending on your data plan. You can turn off Wi-Fi Assist in Settings. For more information, see About Wi-Fi Assist.


          *Turn Wi-Fi Assist on or off

          Wi-Fi Assist is on by default. If you don't want your iOS device to stay connected to the Internet when you have a poor Wi-Fi connection, you can disable Wi-Fi Assist. Go to Settings > Cellular or Settings > Mobile Data. Then scroll down and tap the slider for Wi-Fi Assist.