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        I am working on a mac app which includes a helper app (for auto launch on system startup) and a finder sync extension. All three apps have crashed at different times due to this error:


        Dyld Error Message:

          Symbol not found: _$SBOWV

        Referenced from: {path to app}

          Expected in: /usr/lib/swift/libswiftCore.dylib

        in {path to app}


        I have found exceptionally little useful information about this online, and it is very frustrating. Please help!

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          jonprescott Level 3 Level 3 (100 points)

          There is a similar thread on the Swift forums (forums.swift.org).  Turns out you may be trying to mix Swift 4 and Swift 5 code and frameworks.  $SBOWV is an internal routine in the Swift standard library in Swift 4, but is not present anymore in Swift 5.  Sounds like you might have object code that was compiled with Swift 4, but, you are trying to run on a system with the Swift 5 libraries.  This is all part of the ABI stability changes made in Swift 5, and the ability now to use ABI-stable frameworks in Swift 5 and beyond (on MacOS, Linux is not ABI-stable, yet).  Best bet is to re-compile and re-build from scratch