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        I am trying to send a mail from within a sharingextension with the NSSharingService.


        There is no error in Console or in any other media i can debug.

        Did anyone manage to use the

        NSSharingService* sharingService = [NSSharingService sharingServiceNamed:NSSharingServiceNameComposeEmail];


        My code brings up the Mail dialog as soon as I copy it to a fresh cocoa app and run it. Only in my sharingExtension it is not working.


        from within an sharingExtension, or is it just not allowed / supported.




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          I use this in an NSDocumentController subclass and it works fine.



          -(IBAction)shareCurrentDocumentAction:(id)sender {

              NSAttributedString *text = [[NSAttributedString alloc] initWithString:@"\n\n"];

              NSURL *theURL = [[self currentDocument] fileURL];

              NSSharingService *service = [NSSharingService sharingServiceNamed:NSSharingServiceNameComposeEmail];

              [service performWithItems:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:text, theURL, nil]];