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        I'm trying to record call history in an application using CallKit.

        If update.hasVideo of CXCallUpdate is set to False, call history will be recorded, but if it is set to True, it will not.

        Is it not possible to make it True and record call history?



        The source code is as follows.



        // Call information settings

        -(CXCallUpdate *)newCallUpdateWithHandle:(NSString *)callName {

            CXCallUpdate *update = [[CXCallUpdate alloc] init];

            update.remoteHandle = [[CXHandle alloc] initWithType:CXHandleTypeGeneric value:callName];

            update.supportsGrouping = NO;  // Do not support group calls

            update.supportsHolding = NO;  // Do not support holding calls

            update.hasVideo = true;

            return update;