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        I'm struggling to implement my model in Xcode using CoreML tools.

        The implemented model looks like this :


        The code of the viewController looks like this :


        let model=blackjack()
        let mlMultiArray = try? MLMultiArray (shape:[13,1,1],dataType : MLMultiArrayDataType.double)  
        for (index,element) in vecteurCarte.enumerated() {
          print(type(of: element))
          mlMultiArray![index] = NSNumber(floatLiteral: element)
        let i = blackjackInput(cardPlayed: mlMultiArray!)
        let prediction = try? model.prediction(input : i)
        print("prediction label: ")
        print(prediction?.classLabel ?? "No prediction possible")
        print("probability per label :")
        print(prediction?.output ?? "No prediction possible")
        The error I get using this is : [coreml] Failure verifying inputs.

        Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.