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        retain >

        Attempted to dereference garbage pointer 0x2.


        libobjc.A         0x1b84c653c objc_msgSend

        CoreFoundation    0x1be43007c +[__NSDictionaryI __new::::::]

        CoreFoundation    0x1d0e26d40 +[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjects:forKeys:count:]

        UIKitCore         0x1ea859b88 __37-[UIDictationConnection cancelSpeech]_block_invoke

        libdispatch       0x1bdf80a34 _dispatch_call_block_and_release

        libdispatch       0x1bdf817d0 _dispatch_client_callout

        libdispatch       0x2118acaf8 _dispatch_root_queue_drain

        libdispatch       0x1e8ee5244 _dispatch_worker_thread2

        libsystem_pthread 0x1b39e11b0 _pthread_wqthread


        Thanks in advance for any question just let me know.
        This is a release version using XCode 10.2.1 and level optimization by default instead none.