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        Simple UIActivityViewController configured like this:


        NSArray *activityItems = @[linkURL]; //<--linkURL is an NSURL. 
        UIActivityViewController *activityViewController = [[UIActivityViewController alloc]initWithActivityItems:activityItems


        Then I present it:


         [self presentViewController:activityViewController animated:YES completion:nil];


        If I select the Mail or Messages activity the activity works as expected. But if I select the "Reminders" or "Notes" activity the view controller for those activities present briefly before automatically dismissing and logging out:


        : SLRemoteComposeViewController: (this may be harmless) viewServiceDidTerminateWithError: Error Domain=_UIViewServiceInterfaceErrorDomain Code=3 "(null)" UserInfo={Message=Service Connection Interrupted}


        Anyone know the potential cause / workaround? The completionWithItemsHandler block does not return me an error.