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        In the Safari Web Inspector, the Debugger shows all my files as expected and with source maps, identifies bundles and displays the disclosure arrows to expand the bundles, but when I click the arrow, the bundled files are not visible so I am unable to set breakpoints in the individual files. This was working a few months ago, but it no longer works and I can't figure out why. My project is an Angular 5 app written in TypeScript running in a Cordova wrapper on iOS. Safari is able to connect to the app just fine and as I said, it displays all the expected files and properly identifies the bundles, but I just can't interact with the files in those bundles. To be clear though, this issue occurs whether the app is loaded from iOS or if I load the browser version directly in Safari. Is anyone else experiencing this or does anyone know what I can do to get this feature working again? This is really making it very difficult to debug my app. Please help!