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        I have a table with 2 groups in each row.


        Here is what I would like to achieve

        When I tap on first group, it dismisses the controller, passing the selectedRow

        When double tapping on second group, I go to antother controller.


        I faces several dilemas:

        - if I use didSelectRowAt, I get the row, but

        ==>  how can I segregate where it was tapped and if singe or double tap ?


        I found a partial answer in https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55276349/how-to-detect-a-tap-on-a-wkinterfacegroup-added-within-a-table-row-controller/55293750#55293750

        replacing Group B with a WKInterfaceButton. So now, I can detect the button touch as well as table's didSelectRowAt:


        - If I implement tapGestures in the row for each group, and connect actions (in the viewController - I tested also connection to actions in the row controller which does not seem to be the right design-), the tap is intercepted by didSelectRow and never reaches the tapGestures

        ==> Is there a way to forward the tap event from didSelectRowAt so that it is handled by the appropriate gesture ?


        - If  remove didSelectRowAt, no event received either by the groups


        I tried to change the gesture attributes by disabling "Cancel touches in view", with no result.