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        I am trying to access API of Apple Music API 

        > https://developer.apple.com/documentation/applemusicapi 


        After creating the JWT developer token, when i try to access the API, An error of 401 - Unauthorized occurs.


          I am doing it in the following way :


        1) Registering a new music identifier  > https://help.apple.com/developer-account/#/devce5522674?sub=dev0416b9004


        2) Creating a MusicKit identifier and private key  > https://help.apple.com/developer-account/#/devce5522674  also downloading the private key file.  


        3) Getting the Kid (Key Id) and issuer (Team Id) . 


        4) Running the following code to generate the token :           


        const jwt     = require("jsonwebtoken");          
        const privateKey = fs.readFileSync("AuthKey_KEY_ID.p8").toString();      
        const teamId     = TEAM_ID_HERE;      
        const keyId      = KEY_ID_HERE;    
         const jwtToken = jwt.sign({}, privateKey, {                       
                                                     algorithm: "ES256",                    
                                                     expiresIn: "120d",                    
                                                     issuer: teamId,
                                                     header: {                             
                                                               alg: "ES256",
                                                              kid: keyId                       



        And after that checking the code using the curl command :     


        curl -v -H 'Authorization: Bearer [developer token]' "https://api.music.apple.com/v1/catalog/us/songs/203709340"   


        I am not sure what i am missing here. is it something related to access or is it my code.


        P.S : I am the Account Holder, so it is not an issue related to role.