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        Hi All


        I'm currently developing an iOS app using the Contacts Framework to add contacts into a specific Group.


        The code currently checks to see if the group exists, if it doesn't, it creates it and stores the Identifier into the UserDefaults store, if not it reads the identifier ready to save the contact later on.

        let defaults = UserDefaults.standard
          var groupID = defaults.string(forKey: "contactsGroupID")
          let group = CNMutableGroup()
          var newGroupNeeded = Bool()
          if groupID?.isEmpty ?? true {
          let groupName = "my App Contact Group"
          let groupSave = CNSaveRequest()
          let newGroupNeeded = true
          group.name = groupName
          groupSave.add(group, toContainerWithIdentifier: nil)
          do {
          try store.execute(groupSave)
          defaults.set(group.identifier, forKey: "contactsGroupID")
          defaults.set(groupName, forKey: "contactsGroupName")
          print("New Identifer saved: \(group.identifier)")
          } catch let error{
          else {
          let newGroupNeeded = false
          let groupName = defaults.object(forKey: "contactsGroupName")
          var predicate: NSPredicate? = nil
          if let object = [
          defaults.object(forKey: "contactsGroupID")
          ] as? [String] {
          predicate = CNGroup.predicateForGroups(withIdentifiers: object)
          var foundGroups = try? store.groups(matching: predicate)
          let group = foundGroups?.first! as? CNGroup
          print("FOUND GROUP: \(group?.name) & \(group?.identifier)")

        This code above all seems to work fine, output is "FOUND GROUP: Optional("my App Contact Group") & Optional("B03C7C3C-5BC7-4ED8-9711-E72E3091EE4E:ABGroup")"


        The weird thing is that the following code will save the contact to the group correctly when it is creating the group for the first time, but when the group already exists it errors.


        //Code above here sets the MutableContact, name, tele number etc etc
        let request2 = CNSaveRequest()
          request2.addMember(newContact, to: group)
          request2.add(newContact, toContainerWithIdentifier: nil)
          try store.execute(request2)
          } catch let error{


        As i said before, it works fine before when creating a new contact but i get the following error when trying to add a contact to an existing group.



        Error Domain=CNErrorDomain Code=200 "Updated Record Does Not Exist" UserInfo={CNInvalidRecords=(
             "<CNMutableGroup: 0x600000d65a80: identifier=EBAF677C-7076-4B55-AC84-84BE705390FF:ABGroup, name=(null)>"
        ), NSLocalizedFailureReason=The save request failed because it updates a record that does not exist or has already been deleted., NSLocalizedDescription=Updated Record Does Not Exist}


        There doesnt seem to be much online to do with Swift and the Contacts Framework so hoping someone in here might be able to advise?


        Thanks All