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        is there a way to get this parameters for iPad 2018:

        chipWidth, chipHeight :

        The optical image passing through the camera lens is converted into a video signal by the CCD chip inside the camera. The variables chipWidth and chipHeight specify the size of this chip or, to be more precise, the area of the chip which is read out to form the camera image. Both values are measured in MILLIMETERS! The chip size is important when it comes to calculating a field of view angle (see the next section “Camera Model”). The ratio of chip width and height is also called the “aspect ratio” of the camera image and is usually 4:3.

        fakeChipWidth, fakeChipHeight :
        If a program ignores the fact that the digitized camera im- age contains columns (and possibly rows) of blank pixels at its borders then it must use the values stored in vari- ables fakeChipWidth and fakeChipHeight as the CCD chip width and height. These values are slightly differ- ent from chipWidth and chipHeight. See the section“Camera Parameters” for more explanations.


        Or other of this:

        centerX, centerY, k1, k2, focdist, aperture; 


        I don't know how i get this values for that parameters. Would be really helpfull if anyone knows how to get them.


        Thank you!