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        Hi all. I hope that someone is able to provide some advice:


        We create custom apps for various businesses and their partners. We can't distribute these apps on the app store as they're custom B2B apps. We don't like the Enterprise program user experience (manually trusting the developer on the phone) for the end users it's just horrible UX, and most of our clients don't use MDM.


        So, we're left with one option, which is to get our clients to sign up for Apple Business Manager, and have the app distributed using redeemable codes.


        The problem though is that most of our clients have users in various different countires. If a client from USA signs up for Apple Business Manager and generates redeemable codes for the app we built for them, then those codes will only be redeemable by those with USA Apple IDs.


        Therefore a client would need to create separate Apple Business Manager accounts in each country where they have employees, so they can give redeemable codes to those people.


        But, it's impossible to create an Apple Business Manager account if you don't have a DUNS number, and most businesses only have a DUNS number for the country where their headquarters are. Total catch 22 situation.


        It's therefore funtionally impossible to distribute apps via Apple Business Manager using redeemable codes for a company that has employees in more than one country.


        Most businesses have MDM for their corporate devices, but asking people to enroll their personal device on a company MDM is madness - they'll simply never do it, and given that business are moving more and more towards 'Bring your own device' - this issue seems like a really annoying oversight by Apple.


        It would solve this issue if Apple would allow redeemable codes to be redeemed in any country where the app is available.


        Does anyone have any advice, or is there sometihng we're missing here?

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          What I think Apple only puts barriers at various points since production and especially in the distribution of apps. Just in demanding a separate store for B2B is a sample of how the company has a belated thinking.

          I dream about the day you no longer need app stores and be able to distribute free-form content straight from the browser as a PWA

          Anyone from Apple support could participate more in this forum

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            +1 this is very annoying. Many of our employees work in other countries and use their personal devices and Apple IDs. 


            The only practical solution I see for foreign BYOD employees is on the public app store.