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        So I recently submitted my app for app store review and they rejected it with the following message in resolution center :


        We are unable to continue this app’s review because your Apple Developer Program account is currently under investigation for not following the App Store Review Guidelines’ Developer Code of Conduct.


        Common practices that may lead to an investigation include, but are not limited to:

        • Inaccurately describing an app or service

        • Misleading app content

        • Engaging in inauthentic ratings and reviews manipulation

        • Providing misleading customer support responses

        • Providing misleading responses in Resolution Center

        • Engaging in misleading purchasing or bait-and-switch schemes

        • Engaging in other dishonest or fraudulent activity within or outside of the app


        During our investigation, we will not review any apps you submit. Once we have completed our investigation, we will notify you via Resolution Center.We do not require any additional information from you at this time, nor do we have any additional details to share. We appreciate your continued patience during our investigation.


        Best regards,

        App Store Review



        Its been 10 days and I havent heard from Apple. I tried to submit an appeal asking why i was put under investigation.None of my other has been on sale for more than 6 months because I took them down as I was busy. All they said was that i should remain patient and that tehy will let me know in resolution center.

        If anyone else has faced this issue then please let me know how it goes. This is getting very troublesome.

        If you in a condition similar to mine then please keep this thread updated I'll keep this post updated with whatever replies I get from apple.

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