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        Certain blenshape coefficients not registering. For instance cheekPuff blendshape never animates. When I print the cheekPuff values on the console cheekPuff's value always stay around 0.1 even though I blow my cheeks as much as I can. I tried scaling up the value by 6, 7, 9 but nothing changed.


        Can you help regarding this?

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          I am seeing a similar issue, however I am seeing SOME consistent movement in the coefficient when the action is performed, but there is some really bad crosstalk between this coefficient and the angle of the user's face to the capture camera, both left and right and up and down.  So you can't use a simple multiplier, you need to use a combination of a multiplier to magnify the effect and mediate that by the angle of the user's face to the camera, offsetting from a known minimum angle.  This face angle crosstalk effect also seems to vary from user to user, so the performance would need to be tuned per user to be properly represented.


          It's pretty sloppy to have included this coefficient when it doesn't work, but the fact that it's not split into left and right (when it's clearly a left/right action) is probably an indicator that it can't be relied upon.