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        Hi All,


        I am able to retrieve the list of smpte-tt subtitles which are embedded inside id3 tag using the below url.



        But how to render this timed metadata which is containing smpte-tt subtitles on iOS device?


        We need to use AVTimedMetadataGroup for legibleSelectionGroup and need to select from list of options - this method i tried but its not working.


        Please let me know how to render the smpte-tt subtitles which is embedded in id3 tag.


        Following code also not working to select the smpte-tt subtitle.


          AVMediaSelectionGroup* legibleSelectionGroup = [self.avPlayer.currentItem.asset mediaSelectionGroupForMediaCharacteristic: AVMediaCharacteristicLegible];



          for (AVMediaSelectionOption* legibleOption in legibleSelectionGroup.options)


          for (AVMetadataItem* metadata in legibleOption.commonMetadata)


          if ([languageCode caseInsensitiveCompare: (NSString*) metadata.value] == NSOrderedSame)


          _subtitleLanguage = subtitleLanguage;

          NSLog(@"setSubtitleLanguage %@", self.subtitleLanguage);

          [self.avPlayer.currentItem selectMediaOption: legibleOption

          inMediaSelectionGroup: legibleSelectionGroup];






        Thanks in advance