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        I have a kext that was signed with a Developer ID certificate, successfully submitted for notarization with Apple, then the notarization ticket stapled to the kext.

        When my program initially tries to install the kext, the pop-up asking to go to Security & Privacy settings to approve the Developer ID.  Once that's approved, a warning pops up saying:


        "One or more system extensions that you have approved will be incompatible with a future version of macOS. Please contact <Company> for support."


        It has only an "OK" button.  I click OK, an re-run my software, which is then able to successfully load the kext.


        If I revert my VM and restore from a snapshot previous to all of this and then load the kext on the command line with kextload, I get the Security & Privacy pop-up, but never get the "incompatible" pop-up.


        Does anyone know what exactly this means and/or what might be causing this?


        MacOS 10.14.5 Beta (18F118d)

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          I believe I've figured this out.  This happens when the kext that caused the pop-up is no longer on disk when the user clicks "Allow" in Security & Privacy.


          Upon the next run, my installer succeeds in loading the kext.  So, this message may be harmless operationally if you're removing the kext files on disk when unable to load it.


          To repro:


          sudo kextload MyExample.kext

          # See pop-up for opening Security & Privacy

          sudo rm -rf MyExample.kext

          # Click "Allow" in Security & Privacy