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        When trying to validate my Mac app, I get the "App Store Connect Operation Error:  No suitable application records were found.  Verify your bundle identifier "MyLirstName-MyLastName.FirstAppNameLastAppName" is correct.


        Here is what I have.


        BuildSettings:       Product Bundle Identifier   MyLirstName-MyLastName.FirstAppNameLastAppName

                                     Product Name  FirstAppName LastAppName

        info.plist:              Bundle identifier  $(PRODUCT_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER)


        Apple.com Certificates Identifiers & Profiles:     App ID for FirstAppName LastAppName



        In other words it's a perfect fit.  What else should I look at?



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          Please ignore the typo in the Build Settings line above.

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              I'd be curious what a live Info.plist file read would say - that would help to at least confirm the macro is participating.


              See the version example here: h ttps://www.hackingwithswift.com/example-code/system/how-to-read-your-apps-version-from-your-infoplist-file


              Still no joy, you might hardcode it, being sure to perform an option-clean build folder each time you make that sort of project change.

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                  I must apologize for my ignorance.  I am 73, and while I have tried to keep up over the last 51 years of programming, I am inevitably behind in many things.  Also, I am a scientist first and only a programmer second.  This is my last major programming effort before I hang up my gun belt.  I need a little more help.


                  I looked at the example at hackingwithswift and it is beyone my experience as are your instructions to hardcode it.  I also have refrained from learning Swift as it would be a distraction from finishing this project.


                  Would you indulge me and give me more specific instuctions?


                  A bit of additional information about this project:  It has gone through several name changes, and it includes code from an earlier project.  I suspect this is the source of the problem.



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                      You're not the only one with that many decades under your belt around here... Everyone else should be so lucky.


                      So, let's stick with Obj-c, then, and try using an nslog statement.


                      Add this to one of the files in your macOS project, nestled along with other code you know is working:

                      // Read bundleID frome Info.plist
                      NSString *bundleIdentifier = [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundleIdentifier];
                      //Log the value
                      NSLog(@"bundleIdentifier = %@", bundleIdentifier);



                      Open Console.app in /Applications/Utilities. Run your application. That NSLog output will be printed in the System log (might be busy, so just look for the most recent content).


                      The purpose of this exercise, assuming it works, is to sanity check the bundleID that the app is currently using. Confirm it matches your expections. If it does, then you can focus on the process vs. that value within the app. If it doesn't, then the process isn't the issue and you need to find out why the correct/expected bundleID isn't in play. So, step/by/step...try using NSlLog and see what you get.



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                        Your App ID is a combination of the bundle seed ID (which is often your team ID) plus your Product Bundle Identifier.


                        {bundle seed ID}.{Product Bundle Identifier}


                        What you have above doesn't seem to include the bundle seed id.

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                    I've gone through this recently, can be nightmare.


                    have a look at your AppID:

                    - click Account at the top of this page

                    - select Certificates

                    - select AppID in Identifiers on the left

                    - - select the App and look if the Bundle ID (mid page) is matching with the one in Build settings.