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        I have an app in the Apple app-store where some extra features are offered through a couple of one time in-app purchases. I want to transfer that to a subscription model. To make it more acceptable for those who already bought the old IAP I want to give them the first year free. However, I have problems implementing this.


        Alternative 1

        Create an "Introductory offer" (one year free) for the new subscribed IAP. But I can't see a way to control who gets that offer, which means all new buyers will benefit from it.


        Alternative 2

        Create a "Promotional offer". But that is only meant for getting old subscribers back. So there is no way for a new buyer to use that offer (I think).


        Alternative 3

        Create two completely different IAP, one with an introductory offer and one without. That would work, but is a clunky solution that I want to avoid.


        Are there any other alternatives?