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        We have taken a new client using InTune.  The previous tech used his appleID to generate the MDM push cert for InTune.  That cert is going to expire and I cannot renew it because I don't have access to his appleID account, and the cert is attached to his appleID.  Intune won't let me "renew" a cert from a different appleID so i have to create a new one, remove the old cert (which should force all apple devices connected to InTune to disocnnect from Intune), and apply the new cert.  I then would have to re-attach all the apple devices to the InTune account.  However, I have been told my Microsoft and other support pages that the expiring cert can have the appleId that it's attached to changed on the back end by apple.  It would be best to have the ID on the old expiring cert changed form the old appleID to the new appleID that i created the new MDM cert from, so I don't have to do the whole song and dance described above.  I need somebody from apple to help get that changed so we don't have to remove the apple devices in InTune for the new cert.


        Thank you

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               > I need somebody from apple to help


          devForums isn't the place for that request...support isn't here - pls. use the 'contact us' link below right to reach out to support directly, good luck.

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              I did that already they sent me here.


              My name is Danielle, and I'm with Apple Developer Program Support. I've received your email about help with renewing your client’s MDM certificates and I am happy to provide you a resource today.


              Unfortunately, certificates and updating them are a part of the development process. But, we are here to provide membership assistance with your developer account.


              This is a link to our developer’s site and it may have an article that can help you locate the information you need. The site also includes a great forum with feedback from other great developers who may have dealt with this issue before.




              If you have any other questions or need any additional assistance with your Developer account, please contact us from our website, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. central time. Please refer to case number 20000045407328. We are happy to help.


              Best regards,

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                I think I may have found certificate support, unfortunely I have to wait up to 2 business days and there's no phone number to call to get this resolved.  Thank you for the attempt at help.  Hopefully this gets sorted out soon.