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      Buadhai Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

        I'm trying to make my first post to this forum, but every time I try I get the message:


        The message contains invalid characters.


        But, there's no indication of which characters are invalid?


        I copied the entire message into BBEdit with invisibles displayed and I can't see anything but normal characters. I tried BBEdit's Zap Gremlins, but it found nothing to Zap.


        How can I figure out just what characters are invalid?

        • Re: Meaning Of: "The message contains invalid characters."
          KMT Level 9 Level 9 (14,575 points)

          Could just be a spam filter reaction to a lengthy code dump, etc.


          See: For Best Results - Read the Label FAQ 1, etc., and how to paste code, if that's what you're attempting...use the <> brackets in the editor.


          Still no joy, paste it all into a new email, via 'paste and match style', then select all/copy, then create a new topic here and do another 'paste and match style.


          Still no still no joy, strip your post down until it's accepted, then add blocks of content until it breaks, indicating the offending invalid content.


          Do not attempt to add images, videos, etc.


          Good luck.