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        I´ve got the following scenario:


        - I´m supplying the correct credentials to `NEHotspotConfigurationManager` (via `apply(configuration:, completionHandler:)`)

        - In the Console of the iOS device, I can see the error "AppleBCMWLAN: Warning: Auth / Assoc succeeded (0) but SET_SSID failed (16)!"

        - The alert informing the user about the failure shows up

        - The completionHandler (from apply(configuration:...)) gets called with a nil Error object


        I´m also polling the current SSID via CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo twice a second, and I can see that it shows the correct, new SSID a few times before the above error appears.


        What could be possible reasons for that? Why is the completionHandler not telling the truth?

        My guess is that the device at the other end has not fully fired up the Wi-Fi yet (it is a photo camera), could this be true?