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        I have this problem since I updated my xcode to 10.2 version.


        #import "SomeProtocol.h"
        @interface SomeView : UIView 
        @property (nonatomic, nullable, copy) NSArray <id <SomeProtocol>> *items;


        The compiler brings me this error on line 05

        • Reference to 'SomeProtocol' is ambiguous
        • Type arguments cannot be applied to non-class type 'id'


        It's important to say that this error pops up on one of the libs I use when it is integrated to the main app, but it doesn't when it is compile alone.


        Here's the SomeProtocol:


        @protocol SomeProtocol 
        - (nonnull NSString *)itemId;
        - (nonnull NSString *)name;
        - (nonnull NSString *)price;
        - (nullable NSString *)discountDescription;
        - (nullable NSString *)installmentDescription;
        - (nonnull NSURL *)thumbnail;
        - (nonnull NSURL *)actionURL;
        - (BOOL)isFreeShipping;
        - (nonnull NSString *)type;
        - (nullable NSButton *)secondaryAction;
        - (nullable NSString *)attributes;


        Thank you for your help!