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        i would have only one entity with maybe 20 attributes but i would create new entry every second for 8 to 10 of hours a day, over many days.


        The reason I think about using core data if for graph, I would be nice to let the user select the attribute and  timeframe, then graphs it


        i currently save the data into a tab separated files but I don't want to dig into the file for each graph request.

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          You can definitely use core data. But I'd run some performace tests before deciding. Create a UNIT test which will simulate one year worth of data and try to draw a graph. My guess is that you will need to implement some summarization - like another entity which will represent one day's data summary. How exactly this can work depends on your data model.


          I did something simmilar for my app. I have to say core data performance on iPhone surprised me in a positive way.