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        I'm currently working on an LED dot-matrix display where users can input text into an iOS App and have it sent over bluetooth to the matrix circuit.


        I want to implement a Siri Shortcut so the user is able to issue a command like "Hey Siri, write <demo text> on matrixApp". The matrixApp should then receive the intent action containing the (string) data "demo text" to process and send it via bluetooth.

        However I'm unable to find documentation about how to get these dynamic Intents setup.


        This thread states that it is currently impossible to create such a feature:



        However while searching I discovered some keywords that might be an acceptable workaround to my problem.

        1. First, I could make use of the "Shortcuts" App and create a Shortcut that responds to "Hey Siri, write something on my matrix" and proceeds to ask the user to dictate what string he wants to display on the matrix. Here, I can not find any documentation about how to make my matrixApp function available to the Shortcuts App.
        2. Second, I read about URL deep linking but I am unsure if and how this can be implemented to solve my problem.
        3. Lastly, I can donate Intents to Siri that display exactly one text each on the matrix. E.g. "Hey Siri, display my favorite text on my matrix", where matrixApp then proceeds to send a user-predefined text like "I like apples" to the matrix display. This works but isn't quite as cool as just dictating what you want to have displayed.


        If someone could prove, that what I'm trying to do is currently impossible or has according documentation or even examples I would be glad.