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        Hello Team,


        I have got this crash, didn't leave the stack point from which point of my code is the reason for the crash. Detailed crash log below:

        Complete crash log available here: https://gist.github.com/spraveenk91/b4d39b3bf57bd632865134fda518552e


        Any help to understand this would be appreciate.

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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (11,355 points)

          Consider the backtrace of the crashing thread:

          0 ProofReader … ICfree + 156 (icspl.c:123)
          1 ProofReader … ICspl + 180 (icspl.c:0)
          2 ProofReader … ICspl + 180 (icspl.c:0)
          3 ProofReader … PRIcs + 360 (prutls.c:1369)
          4 ProofReader … PRword + 2552 (prword.c:407)
          5 ProofReader … -[AppleSpe__(Guessing) spe__Server:suggestGuessesForWordRange:inString:inLanguage:options:] + 4240 (ProofReaderGuessing.m:2571)
          6 UIKit       … 0x000000018da6c774 -[UITextChecker guessesForWordRange:inString:language:] + 352 (UITextChecker.m:734)

          ProofReader is an internal Apple framework that deals with spell checking.  I don’t know that code well but, as far as I can tell, ICfree is a routine inside that framework that is responsible for freeing memory; you can think of it as the logical equivalent of C’s free function, but it’s a lot more complex than that.

          It’s possible that this is a known issue in the OS itself (r. 42917304).  I noticed that this crash report is for iOS 11.4.1.  Have you seen the crash on iOS 12?  How about on the currently-seeded iOS 12.2 beta?

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