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        Hi all,


        I am having trouble sharing a record.  I have successfully saved the record to my private database in a custom zone, and I have successfully created a share email to that record.  I have accepted the share and I now see the record in the share database of the recipient under the same zoneID.  In the DB, it shows also that the share has been accepted.


        When I click on the share link and bring up the app, I get this message in the console:


        2019-04-05 13:21:11.553916-0300 StoryWheel[41594:6905300] [LogFacilityCK] You cannot get the URL of a share until it's been saved to the server

        2019-04-05 13:21:11.559670-0300 StoryWheel[41594:6905300] -[UIApplication _handleNonLaunchSpecificActions:forScene:withTransitionContext:completion:]: Handling CloudKit Share Action with metadata: <CKShareMetadata: 0x6000017740a0; shareID=<CKRecordID: 0x60000261c9a0; recordName=Share-9F2CE009-3AC0-4658-AC0A-E4FE33664068, zoneID=storywheel:_1b1d6baf4f1340d8a7d80abf12a31551>, Owner=<CKUserIdentity: 0x60000027adc0; lookupInfo=<CKUserIdentityLookupInfo: 0x60000280d4a0; email=awilcox@xxx.ca>, cached=0, nameComponents=Andrew, userID=<CKRecordID: 0x60000261cfsx0; recordName=_1b1d6baf4f1340d8a7d80abf12a31551, zoneID=_defaultZone:__defaultOwner__>, contactIdentifiers={

            items =     (


        }>, participantStatus=Accepted, container=iCloud.ca.xxx.storywheel1:Sandbox, rootRecordID=<CKRecordID: 0x60000261ce80; recordName=D3D7F7BF-46B1-4CE0-8620-FE1919BD9A66, zoneID=storywheel:_1b1d6baf4f1340d8a7d80abf12a31551>, participantPermission=ReadWrite, shareURL=<null>, participantRole=PrivateUser>


        Not sure I understand the error message, as the record seems to be on the server.  Anyone else seen this?