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        with this code my app works good,but when i get back in foreground all function are disable....who can I get work in foreground?



        func applicationDidEnterBackground(_ application: UIApplication) {
          var finished = false
          var bgTask: UIBackgroundTaskIdentifier = 0;
          bgTask = application.beginBackgroundTask(withName:"MyBackgroundTask", expirationHandler: {() -> Void in
          // Time is up.
          if bgTask != UIBackgroundTaskInvalid {
          // Do something to stop our background task or the app will be killed
          finished = true

          // Perform your background task here
          print("The task has started")
          while !finished {
          print("Not finished")
          // when done, set finished to true
          // If that doesn't happen in time, the expiration handler will do it for us

          // Indicate that it is complete
          bgTask = UIBackgroundTaskInvalid

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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,885 points)

          The approach you’re using here won’t work.  You are expected to return from applicationDidEnterBackground(_:) promptly.  Doing your background work synchronously within applicationDidEnterBackground(_:) is going to cause problems.  For example, your background task expiry handle is called on the main thread, but the main thread is stuck within applicationDidEnterBackground(_:), so it won’t be able to call the expiry handler.

          The standard approach for doing this is to start a background task in applicationDidEnterBackground(_:) and then run the actual background work asynchronously (if it’s I/O bound) or on a secondary thread/queue (if it’s CPU bound).  The presence of the background task will prevent your app from suspended after it returns from applicationDidEnterBackground(_:), thus allowing the actual work to complete.

          Finally, I recommend you read my UIApplication Background Task Notes, which has a bunch of background (hey hey!) on this subject.

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