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        I'm creating a project which uses a UICollectionView. As the user selects a cell this slides them to another UICollectionView of similar nature. Ive been noticing that no matter how I go about this I wind up with mountains of memory usage.

        I've been experimenting with placing UICollectionView's in full page UICollectionViewCell's so as to take advantage of the reusability of UICollectionViews. The downside of this approach has been memory retention as the CollectionViews are never fully deallocated. Ive also heard that it is not the best practice to put a UICollectionView in a UICollectionView.

        I've experimented with UIPageViewController's containing UIViewController's with the UICollectionView inside. This is more efficient as the UIViewController's can be deallocated as the user swipes back however as long as the user continues to select cells and create new view controllers the memory grows unbounded looking like a mountain.

        As a bit of a hybrid I attempted as well to put ViewControllers containing UICollectionView's on UICollectionViewCell's. This method seemed to work best but I had to deallocate the view controllers manually as the user swiped.

        Are there any strategies or libraries anyone could recommend that would fit this problem. How can I keep the memory down. I understand I'll need some kind of reusable views.

        Ive been looking into this Library so far thank you in advance.