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        Hello all,

        I would like to do some actions in my app(specifically writing some logs) when laptop is waken up/slept due to lid opening/closing.

        How can I detect that? Is there Notification emitted or API I can check to achieve that?

        I have read I could use Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) but I havent found a lot of documentation.

        Thanks in advance

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          Could this provide a first hint at a solution ?


          h ttps://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/11724/how-to-detect-a-laptop-hibernate-resumeclose-lid-open-in-osx-from-a-bash-scrip


          Good luck.

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            eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,935 points)

            The power management APIs, like IORegisterForSystemPower, tell you about the system’s power state, which is not directly tied to the lid state.  A MacBook has be asleep with the lid open and awake with the lid closed.

            As far I know there’s no way to get the lid state directly.

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